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Nuclear Fishing Slot March 2012 – Game Screenshots, Game payouts  
New Rival Casino Slot Coming Soon: Nuclear Fishing

Rival Casinos are launching a brand new slot called Nuclear fishing! Watch your Rival casino accounts and emails for free chips and casino bonuses to celebrate the new slot!

Game name: Nuclear Fishing
Launch date: March 12th, 2012

Game/Theme description:

Some filthy company has been dumping mass quantities of nuclear waste into the ocean with some shocking results. The aftermath of discarding these toxic barrels has created an exotic array of mutated abnormalities, freaks of nature! If you can swim past the abandoned nuclear bombs you’ll see the extraordinarily strange and awful species of glowing fish for yourself.

Efforts are underway to clean up the barrels of toxic waste. In the bonus round, use a specially designed vacuum to suck up the waste. When you see a barrel, quickly grab it with your mouse and drag it over to the vacuum.

Game Details
Game type: Video slot
Number of reels: 5 Reels
Number of lines: 25 Lines
Coins per line: 10 Coins per line
Features: 25 lines, Bonus Round, free spins, expanding wilds.



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